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Written by Ozan Uzun   
I installed a couple of 82xLC machines, which have on board sata/sas cards.
I see that the raid card configuration is not well documented.

First of all check that you have the onboard card available.
If you run lspci on petitboot shell you will see a Marvell Technology 88SE920 type card. ( Start the server, on the petitboot menu, select “Exit to shell)

We need to download mvcli tool from ( )
put it on a USB stick (fat32 preferred ), plug it into AC922L.
It will be automatically mounted under /var/xxxx/.
We can run mvcli commands from there, but first of all we need to load scsi 
kernel module.

modprobe sg

Now we can create our array.

./mvcli create -o vd -n root -d 0,1

vd - virtual disk
n name
d disk number 0 and 1

Double Check

./mvcli info -o vd

I could not get a session log, because I was working with a KVM, sorry for my ultra photo:)

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