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OpenSSH 6.8 Portable
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OpenSSH 6.8p1 released March 18, 2015

OpenSSH 6.8p1 has been released. I have just finished packaging my first trial version using a new (experimental) portable option: --without-openssl

If you are wondering how OpenSSH can work without openssl - the answer seems to be it is only used for the random number generation and is not needed for the cryptopgraphy. What is needed is either arc4random() - which AIX lacks - or /dev/urandom - which AIX has.

So, now to get buildaix more functional and see if I can package this new openssh as a replacement for the belated openssh.base versions generally available. More specifically, a replacement that will use, read copy, existing configuration information from /etc/ssh to /var/openssh/etc.

BUILDAIX - "New and Improved!"
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The last two weeks I have been working on a next release of buildaix. Originally I was thinking of a "release" update from 1.0.X to 1.1.X. However, during the testing I have been coming up with several ideas that are 'major' enough to warrant a "version" update to 2.0.X.
oslevels - AIX 6.1
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Updated March 2015. The latest TL/SP packaging is from November 12, 2014. See 6100-09-04-1441

Note: Standard support for AIX 6.1 Technology Levels TL0 through TL7 has expired!


oslevels - AIX 7.1
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Updated March 2015 - The latest TL/SP packaging is from November 12, 2014. See 7100-03-04-1441

Note: Standard support for AIX 7.1 Technology Levels TL0 and TL1 has expired!

openSSL back again! Seven (7) CVE on this one!
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IBM SECURITY ADVISORY (#12 for openssl!)
First Issued: Wed Feb  4 06:24:41 CST 2015
The most recent version of this document is available here:
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