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Michael in the Morning

OpenSSH - how are you going to upgrade?
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OpenSSH was updated last month to version 6.8p1. To see the improvements,check out the OpenSSH-6.8-release notes.
And if you think - "I want that" you can get a new version via AIXTOOLS.

You have a choice!

Or you can go a step further and follow OpenBSD's mission to eliminate risks bolted onto OpenSSL.

The proof of the pudding
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is in the eating!

I reported that I had suffered for a few days getting everything running properly after a power failure of about 90 minutes. I cannot place direct blame on everything that went wrong on the power outage.

To a certain degree, everything worked very well. Once power was back, everything came back up, though a bit slow because of dependencies in the different systems (e.g., better if the name server is up before the database). But I have a odd collection of processors systems - which have been great for learning - but not so great for "unmanaged" restarts.

OpenSSH 6.8 Portable for AIX
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Finally - after about a month in real time - I have it finished - OpenSSH v6.8 Portable for AIX.
As a reference, my prior version of OpenSSH for AIX (from IBM) was version 6.0p1. And last February, I started experimenting with OpenSSH v6.7p1. (To see what version you have - as well as the level of OpenSSL it is using use ssh -V).
Network Speeds over the years
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Have you ever thought about (or even remember) when we were excited about the speed of ThickNet - the ethernet segment that preceded ThinNet (aka a sort of coax-cable that ran through/along walls and ceilings? The speed was a thrilling 2Mbit/second.
Or can you imagine even being excited by a 1200 BAUD modem?
BUILDAIX - "New and Improved!"
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The last two weeks I have been working on a next release of buildaix. Originally I was thinking of a "release" update from 1.0.X to 1.1.X. However, during the testing I have been coming up with several ideas that are 'major' enough to warrant a "version" update to 2.0.X.
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