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Michael in the Morning

POWER8 - Firmware Updates
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After a lot of browsing I finally came up with the links for much of the POWER8 firmware history and updates.

When in doubt about whether the latest updates are listed - check the history file!

I hope this helps with tracking POWER firmware!

LibreSSL-2.3.0 released
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OpenBSD/LibreSSL project has released LibreSSL 2.3.0, which will be arriving in the LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon.
POWER7 - Latest Firmware Releases
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Updated: September 2015

Several updates since January 2015!

bash 4.3.42 released
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Back from vacation - and I see there have been some patches to bash bring the version number to bash-4.3.42 (for 42 official patch releases).
See for links to the new version.
Brief descriptions of the three new patches are:
Nim Hands Free film restored
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I am happy to say - my Video (with narration) has been restored from a backup and the link in my "HowTo Install Nim Server" has been restored.
As a demonstration of "Hands Free Install" is shows you what you can have after having installed a NIM server! The article itself - goes - step-by-step - through the process of installation and setup of the key NIM resources - so that after that you can install AIX hands free!
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