Travel Woes
Written by Michael Felt   

My new job, well, almost 2 years now, takes me on the road (read in the air) to be on-site with customers and review and or teach about how to implement IBM's newest POWER features.

The last two months have been difficult: 1) getting a planning settled; 2) changing almost everything because "something came up" and everything needed to be scheduled again; 3) my wife does not like it when I am only home for three Saturdays in a row (if at all); my wife does not like it when I work on holidays. (Did anyone else notice that the Easter related holidays are rather late this year?).

I have also had a hard time getting a hotel (a pre-approved hotel - one of the company approved list). Vacation time and hotels seems top be full. Contracts are getting signed later and later - and then the planes are full too.

I sure am glad I really like what I do. Travel can be a real bore - but generally what I do and see technically makes up for it. (And most of the time I cannot say anything about work directly. However, I do get ideas for articles).

And if you are wondering what this has to do with AIX my answer is not too much. This is a BLOG - for better and worse -  and I am going to use it to talk about other things too. Most of the time it will be AIX themed, but not today - just finished nearly 6 hours of getting planes and hotes for the next 5 days. Kind of "on my mind" for tonight.