AIX Certified: Two Down - Two to Go!
Written by Michael Felt   

AIX Certified: anno 2011

About time - I was thinking. Back in 2002 - last time I tested - I was angry about the questions because they were almost the same as what was in the certification redbooks I read the next week. I was think - how is certification going to mean anything if they are practically publishing the questions? But, I kept my pin and certificate - which is how I knew it was 2002 that I last went.

Two Down

Yesterday I passed two tests: 000-104: AIX 6.1 Administration and 000-108: Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux -v2. Lucky Me! Especially for test 108 because there were several questions I had no idea what they were talking about (IBM i questions, Data Center requirements, and official names for some of the planning tools, and specific differences in HMC models. Fortunately, experience and reading questions carefully can lead to success!

Bonus Certificate!

Since I passed thos two tests _ have earned a bonus certification: IBM Certified Systems Expert - Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux -v2 .

Two to Go!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt the tests: 000-109: Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux - v2 and 000-102: High Availability for AIX - Technical Support and Administration. I should pass test 109 without any major problems (meaning Ihope to get a passing grade in each section, not just overal) but test 102 - HACMP - will be more difficult for me. Before, for to reach CATE - Certified Advanced Technical Expert - HACMP was one of the options, not a requirement.

CATE redefined

That nice old category has been upgraded to IBM Certified Advanced Systems Expert (CAST). The requirements are here: IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - Power Systems with AIX v2.

CAST Fine Print

The Certified Advanced Technical Expert - Power Systems with AIX - v2  will have a minimum of three years core AIX functional experience including virtualization and high availability skills.  Technical experience with IBM platforms which connect to Power Systems hardware (System x, Systems Storage) is also required. This experience includes two job role skills:

  • Analyzing customer business and technical requirements and needs, designing Power Systems solutions which include attached BladeCenters and Storage systems, and  implementing the solution.
  • Installing, integrating, implementing, and supporting multiple varieties of Power Systems solutions.

My work is so focused on AIX and POWER at the moment - that it is going to be difficult to get the experience needed around BladeCenters and Storage Systems. I know the basics pretty well - but not enough to be an expert. But that will be another report.

For now I focus on the four testsI feel I should be able to pass directly and I'll play with those other tests later. I'll write a new report (and present the other two bonus certificates I hope to get) after I finish the opther two tests.