Michael in the Morning - back again!
Written by Michael Felt   

Over 10 years ago I used to write a monthly article for the IBM Education Magazine (Netherlands) under the name "Michael in the Morning" as an adaption of my first name and two middle initials (MichaelAM).

Today I started a BLOG on IBM DeveloperWorks under "Michael in the Morning" and decided to rename my blog here as well.

Why the changes? While "networking" at IBMTechU last week in Birmingham I realized that "things" could not stay as they were. As the Red Queen said to Alice (who asked the Red Queen - "You are running but not going anywhere!"  - Oh my dear, if you want to get anywhere you must run much harder than this!

And so, back to harder running and moving forward - no looking back for now (for RBAC and AIX Security!)