Need a place to play?
Written by Michael Felt   

I am sure you know the saying about the showmaker's children - he makes new shoes but his own children are in old shoes or their feet are bare. I have similiar concerns with my employer - as I notice do many of the system administrators I work with. There are great systems for the business - but next to no systems for their employees when it comes to having a system to learn, or experiment (read play) with.

Most of the time my POWER4 and POWER5 systems - that are mine! CoolCool are sufficient. But some days I need Sunday best! Anyway, I found an old friend who is looking to startup a service to rent "virtual 'bare metal' partitions" - i.e., a partition with 2VP, 2G ram, and a small disk - with pre-installed OS (AIX 6.1, AIX 7.1 or Debian Linux).


You will not find anything yet! "Real Soon Now!" - However, for my assistence with getting it pieced together he is going to let me auction two partitions. So if you are interested, follow me on twitter @Rootvgtnet, askme to follow you and then you can send me a DM me on rootvgnet to let me know what you will bid for 2 to 4 weeks access time on a POWER7 LPAR.

Tweet what you think - Is it nonsense or should he "hurry up"  @rootvgnet!