AIXTOOLS - works in progress
Written by Michael Felt   

Since getting back from vacation, over a month ago, I have been quite busy with my basement (stopping a flood before all my systems got shorted out) AND working on new packages for AIXTOOLS.

Unfortunately, it looks as if my patch for python ctypes.find_library() is not going to be accepted in time for it to be official in Python3.6. Have my fingers crossed. However, that does not stop me from including it in my packaged version.

Speaking of python brings up things that use python, such as cloud-init for AIX. I moved my packaging from "test" to it's own page - And, I am happy to say I hear "my python " is becoming more popular "as the python to use" on VIOS. No RPM's needed - and you can uninstall it. Something I think can be very useful for a VIOS.


TIME does not stand still

I use wget often, so that I repackaged as well - one of my first 64-bit - as "new standard ABI" packages. Curl is something I have packaged several times, but use less often - unless it is a (forgotten) dependancy - such as for git.

So, hot on my list is to repackage curl - with library support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications that need the curl libraries AND the curl utilities all in 64-bit. Then I shall start looking for the filename with the character installp does not like - and prevents the packaging I did on Monday from installing. So hot on the list - that I am going to stop typing and start working on it!